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Office of General Affairs

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The office is responsible for carrying out all general affairs services such as procurement, document, clerk, property maintenance, and campus environment improvement. The stuff members are devoted to establishing a better campus security environment quality and enhancing the operation quality in order to reach the goal of high innovation and high efficiency.

Dean of General Affairs:Chen, Ching Wen

Position:Associate Prof. & Dean of General Affairs
■ Responsibilities:
1. Research, plan & suggest the innovation and improvement on general affairs.
2. Plan the repair of the school buildings and the purchase of teaching supplies.
3. Audit the purchase of general teaching equipment.
4. Contract the financial construction, leasing, and purchase.
5. Review or draw up the documents of the office.
6. Supervise, inspect, evaluate, and deploy the execution of the staff business.
7. Attend or preside over the meeting, and supervise the implementation of the relevant resolutions.
8. Do with president’ or superiors’ assignments.


Mobile: 886-933-312474
Tel: 886-7-6939531

General Service Division

Our Members and Tasks

Position: General Service Division Chief
■ Name: Tsai, Jui-Hsiang
■ Tasks:
1. Regulation formulation.
2. Software and hardware procurement for administrative and teaching departments.
3. Job dispatch and evaluation of security guards, drivers, mechanics and janitors.
4. Labor management.
5. Vehicle management.
6. Management of restaurant and other outsourcing affair.
7. Operation of scrapped properties.
8. Other designated tasks.

Position: Staffer
■ Name: Chang, Su-Chen
■ Tasks:
1. Procurement and verification affairs, including internet announcement.
2. Company information filing.
3. Assistance of conference room decoration.
4. Fee verification and management of photo copiers.
5. Management of part-time student employee.
6. Other designated tasks.
7. Assistance of affairs of Board of Directors.

Position: Staffer
■ Name: Chung, Yi-Ho
■ Tasks:
1. Management of rental affairs of restaurants and outsourcing services.
2. Management of petty cash.
3. Classification of telephone fees by departments.
4. Collection of student dormitory fees.
5. Maintenance of drinking fountains.
6. Management of parking information and parking lots.
7. Rental management of public locations.
8. Management of janitors, security guards and clean companies.
9. Campus sanitation operation.
10. Official vehicle management.
11. Verification of garbage transportation fees.
12. Gift application, order and management.
13. Other designated tasks.

Related Approaches

1. Regulations of procurement committee organization.
2. Regulations of vehicle management.
3. Regulations of vehicle management committee establishment.
4. Rules for vehicle management in the underground parking lot of Digital Teaching Hall.
5. Regulations of compensation of public property damage.
6. Regulations of use management of conference and activity locations.
7. Rules for use and management of petty cash of General Service Division.
8. Regulations of procurement operation practice.


1. Rental Application SOP of public locations.
2. Rental Application SOP of official vehicle.

Drinking Fountain Maintenance

1. Maintenance records
2. Report of water quality inspection
3. Maintenance Weekly List

Construction and Maintenance Division


1. Construction maintenance and procurement.
2. Construction bid, evaluation and inspection.
3. Campus facility maintenance.
4. Operations of public safety and improvement affairs.
5. Other designated tasks.

Our Members and Tasks

Position: Construction and Maintenance Division Chief
■ Name: Chuang, Wen-Chi
■ Tasks:
1. Procurement and inspection of construction and maintenance.
2. List of annual budget and review of execution performance.
3. Inspection and information investigation.
4. Other designated tasks.

Position: Technical Specialist
■ Name: Hsu, Chung-Yu
■ Tasks:
1. Operation of maintenance application .
2. Maintenance and inspection of the whole facilities like water, electricity and elevators.
3. Operation of payment request.

Position: Technical Specialist
■ Name: Hsieh, Sung-Mao
■ Tasks:
1. Water and electricity maintenance.
2. Operation of maintenance application.
3. Maintenance and inspection of the whole facilities like water, electricity and elevators.
4. Safe inspection of fire control.
5. Operation of payment request.


■ Address: No.110 Tunfang Rd., Hunei Dist., Kaohsiung City 82941
■ Tel: +886-7-6939533
■ E-mail:
Chuang, Wen-Chi:
Hsu, Chung-Yu:
Hsieh, Sung-Mao:

Environmental Protection and Safety Division


1. Laboratory safety and health concerns
2. Environmental protection concerns
3. Laboratory waste, sewage
4. Fire
5. Protection groups

Our Members and Tasks

Position: Environmental Protection and Safety Division Chief
■ Name: Hu, Yi-chun

■ Fire managers: Hu, Yi-chun
■ Class B wastewater dedicated staff:Li, Yi-lin
■ Committee:
Safety and Health Committee
Environmental groups
Toxic Chemical Operations Management Committee


■ Address: No.110 Tunfang Rd., Hunei Dist., Kaohsiung City 82941
■ Tel: +886-7-6939532
■ Email:

Cashier Division

Our Members and Tasks

Position: Cashier Division Chief
■ Name: Hsieh, Hsin-Jung
■ Introduction:
1. Receivable operations
2. Payment operations
3. Opening of receipts
4. Cash and account management
5. Reporting and classifying the various types of income
■ Tasks:
1. Cash journal / Cash diary
2. Cash receipts and payments daily report
3. Bank deposits, monthly statements
4. Time deposit monthly report
5. Bank account cash deposits and transfers
6. Receipt management
7. Income management
8. Tuitions and management for miscellaneous expenses.
9. Document copy, print, and delivery
10. Disbursement and revenue accountancy
11. Linkage and coordination for relevant departments
12. Provide complete general services for the whole school / In overall charge of division services
■ Members:
Name: Hsu, Jui-Hstung
■ Task:
1. Expenditure payment
2. All funds levied on income jobs
3. Opening operation receipts
4. Rent and bid bonds receipts
5. Counter payment receipts
6. Daily bank deposit
7. Apply for monthly water, electricity, and telephone charges funds
8. Deposit of cleaning fees into bank
9. Receive tuition and fees
10. Faculty and staff payroll processing
11. Income tax declaration
12. Receive the income of summer and winter classes, extension, switch departments, transfer schools
13. Work-study grants
14. Issue checks
15. Staff funds transfer processing
16. Assist with checking student loans and refund payments


■ Address: No.110 Tunfang Rd., Hunei Dist., Kaohsiung City 82941
■ Tel: +886-7-6939536
■ Email:

Property Management Division

Our Members and Tasks

Position: Property Management Division Chief
■ Name: Yen, Fu-Lai
■ Tasks:
1. Whole services and affairs of property management.
2. Operation of grant affairs of Ministry of Education.
3. Declaration of public safety of buildings.
4. Real estate management.
5. Fire insurance.
6. Document operation.
7. Examination of property reports.
8. Operation of scrapped properties.
9. Property inventory.
10. Classroom number logining and management.
11. Other designated tasks.

Position: Staffer
■ Name: Li, Yi-Lin
■ Tasks:
1. Property inspection and transfer.
2. Operation of Property scrap.
3. Monthly property report.
4. Property information logining.
5. Assistance of grant affairs of Ministry of Education.
6. Every school year inventory.
7. Other designated tasks.

■ Related approaches:
1. Regulations of Property Management Practice.
2. Regulations of Property Maintenance.
3. Regulations of Property Inventory.
4. Regulations of Compensation of Public Property Damage.
5. Regulations of Management of Professional Classroom Use.
6. Regulations of Management and Compensation of Ordinary Classroom Use.


■ Address: No.110 Tunfang Rd., Hunei Dist., Kaohsiung City 82941
■ Tel: +886-7-6939534
■ Email:

Documentation Division


1. A comprehensive management of all documents, letters and parcels sent and received.
2. Responsible for records management, the use of seals and postage matters.
3. Preparation of school and administrative meeting records.

Our Members and Tasks

Position: Documentation Division Chief
■ Name: Lin, Chun-Lan
■ Tasks:
1. Supervision of divisional business
2. Processing assigned matters from executive
3. Modify the documents for each unit
4. Compile the school’s meeting records
5. Monitor the school seal
6. Supervision of electronic document exchange operations
7. Organizing the file room

Position: Divisional member
■ Name: Lu, Kuan-Fei
■ Tasks:
1. Send and receive registered letters and parcels
2. Login document number, subject, distribute to the relevant units
3. Coding document number, and typing, proofreading, mailing
4. Send and receive electronic exchange of documents
5. Archive and check access to documents
6. Compile statistics of receipts, issued documents and archived cases for each unit every month
7. Manage the file room
8. Type and mail the schools external congratulations or thank you letters
9. Stamp documents with the school seal
10. Purchase stamps and check postage
11. Purchase envelopes
12. Post school meeting records on the Internet
13. Compile files of public and private colleges and universities and senior high school names, addresses, and principal


■ Address: No.110 Tunfang Rd., Hunei Dist., Kaohsiung City 82941
■ Tel: +886-7-6939537
■ Email: